Remember to order your wine before the 10th February, to make sure you get it in time for Valentine's Day!

Romantic Home-Cooked Dinner For 2

If you've been invited for a home cooked meal (or are making it yourself), you'll want to make sure you bring the right wine. Try to get a feel for what the dinner will be, and pair your wine accordingly.

The Anti-Valentine's 'Let's Just Get A Takeaway'

Valentine's Day is not for everyone. A holiday created solely for marketing purposes you say? Maybe. Join the anti-Valentine day-ers with a delicious takeaway to eat on your lap while watching your favourite tv show. Who's winning now? Think wines that go with pizzas, curries, and strong flavours that you get with a takeaway!

BYOB At A Fancy Restaurant

This can be a daunting selection as you might not be sure what exactly you'll be eating before choosing your wine. But, you can always do your homework before hand and download the restaurants menu from their website, to get a feel of what you'll be eating. Remember that lots of BYOB restaurants charge a corkage fee, so be sure to bring a bottle that's worth your while paying that extra fee! Your turn to choose the restaurant? Have a look at our favourite BYOB restaurants in London.

Dinner Party With Friends

Not just a day to spend with your 'other half', Valentine's Day is also a great chance to get together with your friends and enjoy a nice dinner.

Skip The Dinner, Let's Just Have A Party

A night for celebration? Been invited to a party where the food will be minimal, and it'll all be about the drinks on offer? Think about taking a bottle that speaks for itself. Don't bother about pairing it with certain foods, when the wine itself is the star of the show. Consider a sparking wine, it's always a great party starter.

An Aperitif And See Where The Night Takes Us

If the whole night hangs in the balance based on the first drink, you need to make sure it's a good one! It can all go south if the night doesn't pick up after the first glass. Take a bottle of something delicious and moreish - something that will ensure a top up and many more after that!

One Glass And I'll Call It A Night

If you're not one to dwell too much on Valentine's Day, but quite like the excuse to enjoy a good glass of wine on a weeknight (as if the day of the week ever stopped us doing that anyway... ), then make sure you choose a bottle that packs a punch of flavour right from the first sip.

Valentine's Day A La Bridget Jones

There's no shame in that, it can be somewhat soul cleansing, sipping your favourite wine and singing 'All By Myself' at the top of your lungs. If you plan to indulge in a similar activity, we recommend going for a truly decadent wine. Treat yourself, you deserve it.

Picnic Day Out

It's not always about the night, make the most of the day too! Whether it be a picnic in a park (don't forget the blankets!), or a Lunch on-the-go, make sure to bring the perfect bottle of wine to enjoy. Essentials: Easy to drink, and a screw top (or if you opt for a cork bottle, make sure to read how to open a bottle without a corkscrew if you do happen to forget the corkscrew - happens to the best of us).

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